ER Folders

Designed as an economical way to hold patient emergency department paperwork, while helping to educate them on where they should seek care in the future. Patent Pending

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Function First

Pocket-style folder with closure flap holds patient paperwork and educational materials.

  • Educate patients on when to go to the ER vs Urgent Care and when to call 911
  • Include information on stroke symptoms and how to spot them F.A.S.T.
  • Promote your patient portal to help increase meaningful use
  • List helpful contact numbers, including national help lines
Emergency Room Discharge Folder


Folding Medical ID Card
Help patients be better prepared when seeking medical care in the future with a Medical ID Card—built into the ER Folder with perforated edges for easy removal. Now patients can keep this quick reference card in their wallet with a list of their medications, allergies and medical/surgical history.

Financial Information Tab Divider
Helps patients organize their hospital statements and their insurance explanation of benefits paperwork. Provides a place to file this information until they have everything they need to pay their bill.

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