Helping patients manage their care

When it comes to the patient discharge process, hospital HCAHPS scores and readmission rates it is essential that the patient understands the information they received during their hospital stay and how to continue managing their care at home. Providing patients with a well-organized Patient Discharge Folder enables them and their caregivers to easily locate the information they received, whether it be their discharge instructions, medication information, educational material or future appointments.

Lifecycle of a Discharge Folder

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Designed to transition with the patient

Given upon admission, the folder stays at the patient’s bedside during their hospital stay. Information is added as needed and reviewed at discharge. At home, the patient fills out the Medical ID Card and reviews care instructions as needed. The patient takes the folder with them to follow-up appointments.

    MEDICAL ID CARD REINFORCES MEDICATION EDUCATION A built-in, tri-folding card for patients to keep in their wallet includes a list of their medications and more!