Designed specifically for high volume ERs, these economical patient folders provide educational and organizational benefits for patients at discharge. 

U.S. Patent No. 10,471,765

Important paperwork needs an important folder.

A dedicated ER Folder helps ensure your patients will keep their ER Discharge Summary to reference at home and to review with their primary care provider during their follow-up appointment. Used to hold patient’s ER Discharge Summary paperwork, ER Folders were designed to improve patient education, wait times, readmissions and meaningful use objections. With EDCAHPS on the horizon they are sure to improve satisfaction scores.

INFORM — Enhance communication regarding the patient’s ER Discharge Summary.

EDUCATE — Education information is printed directly on the folder, reinforcing it’s importance. Information regarding signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke, tips on where to go for future care, patient portal registration, medication awareness, etc.

FUNCTION — A functional product that provides organization patients appreciate.    

  Outpatient Surgery Folder Medical ID Card MEDICAL ID CARD REINFORCES MEDICATION EDUCATION A built-in, tri-folding card for patients to keep in their wallet includes a list of their medications and more!