Children’s Discharge Folder

Designed to help parents keep their child’s hospital discharge instructions organized allowing them to focus fully on their child’s recovery. U.S. Patent No. 10,471,765

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Aiding parents in managing their child’s care

When it comes to the patient discharge process it is essential that parent’s understand the information they receive during their child’s hospital stay and how to continue managing their child’s care at home. Providing patients with a well-organized Patient Discharge Folder enables parents to easily locate the information they received, whether it be their child’s discharge instructions, medication information, educational material or future appointments.

Children's Discharge Folder


Folding Medical ID Card
Since parents are unlikely to carry their child’s discharge folder with them at all times, we include a folding Medical ID Card built into our discharge folder. Easily removed and kept in a wallet. Now parents have a list of their child’s medications, immunization schedule, appointments and a number to call if they their child has any symptoms.

Organizational Tab Dividers
The section of the Patient Discharge Folder designed to hold all the patient’s paperwork is slightly oversized and easily accommodates the addition of organizational dividers. Customized for your department’s needs, choose the number of tabs, headings, colors, etc. An efficient way to organize all the information related to a patient’s hospital stay.

Attached to the Children’s Discharge Folder with perforation, this postcard detaches easily to be used by the patient’s parent. Provide helpful information, such as an over-the-counter medication dosage guide that can be kept in the medicine cabinet. Or use it as a follow-up appointment card, parent feedback card, thank you card, donation request — the possibilities are endless.

Tuck-flap Closure
Special locking tuck-flaps and an extra long wrap-around flap keeps the discharge folder closed when needed. You’d hate to see a patient drop their discharge folder on the floor and watch the paperwork inside float across the hallway.

Custom Designed
Our in-house graphic design department customizes every hospital’s Patient Discharge Folder to meet their specific objectives. We create artwork that goes beyond functionality to also match hospital brand standards. Quick-turn around time for proofs makes the design process hassle free.

Let’s talk benefits!

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