Designed to educate patients about the importance of getting screened and tested.

U.S. Patent No. 10,471,765


Educate and Inform

OBGYN Folders are a great aid to inform your patients about the importance of preventative care and annual health care visits.

  • Reminds patients about when and how often they should get health screenings
  • Helpful infographics and checklist educate patients on how to do a breast self-exam
  • Informs and directs patients to your patient portal to view their test and screening results and schedule and view upcoming appointments
  • Great marketing tool to promote your brand and services

  Folding Medical ID Card Built-in, tri-folding card for patients to keep in their wallet or purse. It is a helpful tool for patients to keep track of their medications and to track their monthly breast self-exam.   Dividers For Educational Materials and Screening Results  Divider tabs give your patients specific locations for information they may receive after their appointments. The dividers also aid your patients by having important parts of their health care available at a glance and accessible. Preventative Care Information Front and Center  Helpful infographics and charts help educate and reinforce importance of preventative care.


INFORM — Enhance communication regarding the importance of preventative care and educational materials with tab dividers to easily locate key information. EDUCATE — Educational information is printed directly on the folder, reinforcing it’s importance. FUNCTION — A functional product that provides organization patients appreciate.

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