Designed to positively impact your CAHPS ECHO® scores, these patient folders provide educational and organizational benefits for patients. 

U.S. Patent No. 10,471,765


Behavioral Health Discharge Folders can help patients manage their mental health after treatment:

  • Can help to prevent and manage a crisis or relapse.
  • Reminds patients to adhere to their treatment plan before seeking emergency care.
  • Directs patients where and when to get emergency care, if necessary.
  • Can show measurable increases in CAHPS ECHO® survey scores.
  • Serve as a passive marketing tool.

The Folding Medical ID Card is your patients’ on-the-go Safety Plan:

  • Patient fills out the card after discharge and keeps it in their wallet.
  • Patients can keep track of their medication information in an accessible location.
  • Including crisis management tips on the back of the card enables your patients to manage their health anytime, anywhere.
  • Can help reduce patients returning to the Emergency Department by providing contact numbers for mental health workers.

Divider tabs help your patients organize their paperwork:

  • Provide specific locations for each type of paperwork your patients might receive.
  • Bills and Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) are grouped together and can enable patients to pay their bills in a more timely matter.
  • The most pertinent parts of a patient’s health maintenance can be located at a quick glance and easily accessible.


Include a Crisis Safety Plan for quick access:

  • Your patients can easily access tangible parts of their safety plan, such as Coping Skills and Trigger Warnings.
  • Include important contact numbers, such as Therapist, Mentor, and Doctor.


INFORM — Enhance communication regarding the patient’s personal Crisis Safety Plan, when to seek emergency care, medications and discharge instructions with tab dividers to easily locate key information. EDUCATE — Educational information is printed directly on the folder, reinforcing it’s importance. Information regarding when to seek emergency care, a write-in chart for positive coping skills, and important contact numbers & resources are all included. FUNCTION — A functional product that provides organization both patients and staff will appreciate.