Educate your patients who have children about the importance of the Immunization Schedule, and ensure that children receive the recommended vaccines at the recommended time. 

U.S. Patent No. 10,471,765


Child Immunization Record Folders

  • Printed on the back is the most current Immunization Schedule, presented by the CDC, to help parents stay up to date with their child’s immunizations.
  • The Sick or Hurt chart is also printed on the back for parents to reference should their child need urgent or emergency care.
  • Parents can write in their child’s pediatrician and office phone number should they need to make a call.


The Folding Medical ID Card is your on-the-go Immunization Record:

  • All of a child’s immunizations from birth to 11 years of age can be tracked on the back of
    the card.
  • Write in a child’s important emergency and medical information on the front of the card.
  • The card is designed to be kept in a parent’s purse or wallet, and updated when a child receives an immunization.

Tips for helping parents console their child after receiving shots:

  • Icons can help remind parents quickly and easily.
  • Can help parents manage their child’s pain without the use of medication.

INFORM — Enhance communication regarding when to immunize children, and what immunizations to get. EDUCATE — Educational information is printed directly on the folder, reinforcing it’s importance. Information regarding when to immunize children and with what vaccine is included. FUNCTION — A functional product that provides organization both patients and pediatricians will appreciate.