Designed to specifically help with the discharge process. Benefits to the hospital, their patients and caregivers.

Function first

These portfolio-style folders pack tons of function into one folder.

  • Securely stores patient paperwork
  • Organize information with dividers
  • With easy & organized access to information, patients and caregivers can quickly locate care instructions, medication info or resources
  • Custom designed for your hospital to support your brand message
  • Utilized throughout the patient’s hospital stay, discharge process, home care and follow-up visits


ASI Business Group
ASI Business Group

Folding Medical ID Card
Since patients are unlikely to carry their discharge folder with them at all times, a folding Medical ID Card was built into our discharge folder. Easily removed and kept in the patient’s wallet. Now patients have a list of their medications, side effects and a number to call if they have any symptoms or questions.

Tab Dividers
Customized for your needs, choose the number of tabs, headings, colors, etc. An efficient way to organize all the information related to a patient’s hosptial stay. Tuck-flap Closure Special locking tuck-flaps and an extra long wrap-around flap keep the discharge folder closed when needed. You’d hate to see a patient drop their discharge folder on the floor and watch the paperwork inside float across the hallway—as it does with traditional presentation style folders.

Business Card Options 
Option to include up to three sets of business card slits or vinyl pockets.

Expansion Gusset
Easily expands with no prefolding, expands up to 1.5 inches

Let’s talk benefits!

One of our dedicated account representatives would be happy to talk to you about the added benefits of our discharge folders. Send us a message, give us a call at 877.434.5464 or request samples to get started.