Table of FAQs

Select any one of the topics below to navigate frequently asked questions. If the information you’re seeking is not found, please call 877.434.5464 and we’ll be happy to assist!


What is needed to place an order?
For healthcare facilities, we require a Purchase Order and Artwork Approval. Once your order ships, we’ll send an Invoice in which we’ll request payment.

How to create a PO?
We’d be happy to walk you through the process. Please give us a call 877.434.5464 when you’re ready.

What is the minimum order quantity?
It depends on the product you’d like to order. We have ways to help you receive the quantity you seek at an affordable cost.

How to navigate “My Account”?
We’d be happy to walk you through the process. Please give us a call 877.434.5464 when you’re ready.


When should I place a reorder?
We recommend placing a reorder when you have about a 3 month supply left. This allows for production and shipping time without a gap in supply.

I’d like to order the same product as before. How do we proceed?
Contact your Account Manager or reach out through any one of our contact methods. We’ll confirm our records match your request (product, latest artwork file, quantity desired, correct shipping address, etc.). Any differences will be brought to attention and questions addressed. Once the order is confirmed, we’ll request submission of a PO (healthcare industry).


What form of payments do you accept?
Check, Visa, MasterCard, EFT & Paymode.

Can I submit payment online?
Not at this time.

What is FOB Factory?
FOB stands for “freight on board”. It signifies that the seller (us in this scenario) is responsible for loading and may be held responsible for damages resulting from negligent loading.

What is included in total/final cost?
Total product cost (10% overrun/underrun factored in), Shipping and Handling (F.O.B. Factory), applicable taxes, set-up fee.

Why does our invoice reflect a different quantity than paid for?
In printing, it is an industry standard that you will get 10% more or 10% less of your order. The billing will be adjusted to accommodate the extra amount or less amount. We do our best to get it as close to your desired amount. You may request “No Overruns” however an underrun of up to 10% still applies and billing will be adjusted to accommodate the lesser amount.


How long until I receive my order?
From the time we receive a PO and artwork approval, production takes approx. 8-12 weeks (excluding weekends, holidays and delivery time.) We always strive to beat our deadlines!

How will our folders be packaged?
Dividers and collateral are preassembled in each folder, so they’re ready to use right out of the box. Individual folders are then packaged into manageable-sized boxes with labels specifying the quantity per box.

How will our product be shipped?
Shipping specifics are often based on the client’s preferred method. The rest depends on the shipment’s weight and receiving location, typically product ships freight, ground or Express.


Can I customize the folders for my facility?
Yes! All content and graphics are entirely up to you, with exception to applicable laws and regulations.

How long until I see an artwork proof?
3-5 business days, in most cases.

How do we make changes to artwork?
Whatever methods that works best for you. Send us a digital file with markups, email us or call with desired changes.

I’m not sure what we want on our folder. How does the process work?
We’ll research your organization, incorporate brand standards, and integrate anything helpful in reaching your goals. We’re also happy to send you a few free physical samples for you to see what content is commonly printed on our folders. REQUEST SAMPLES NOW

I don’t see exactly what I’m needing?
Let us know what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll provide you with a few options.

How much paperwork fits in the folder?
We have two standard expansion sizes.

  • Larger size with 1.5″ expansion holds approx. 300 pieces of standard paper (and 5 dividers).
  • Smaller size with 0.5″ expansion holds approx. 100 pieces of standard paper (and 5 dividers).


What are acceptable file formats for images?
For print production: 300 dpi or greater, JPG, EPS, Tif, PNG, almost any Adobe file.

Can we use images and copy found on the internet?
No, unfortunately that’d put you at risk for copyright infringement. We have creative designers who can find a solution that matches your request.

We like the Wong-Baker Faces (seen on samples). May we use them on our folders?
Unfortunately the Wong-Baker faces are copyrighted, however you may request permission to use them directly from the source. Additional details here:

Can we use our own designers?
Absolutely! We can coordinate with your design department. Templates for artwork development will be provided along with general guidelines. Submitted files will be checked for optimal print production.

What do you need for print production?

  • If using a template provided by us, a packaged zipped folder containing native design file, all links/images, and all fonts.
  • If providing a PDF, graphics and fonts can either be provided separate from the file or as embedded graphics and text converted to outlines. There should be a 0.125″ bleed.

How should we send our files in?
There are three ways to send us design files:

  • Dropbox: we can create and share a private Dropbox folder with you for you to add your files to.
  • File Transfer Service: we can accept files from any of the online file transfer services such as WeTransfer.
  • Email: depending on the file size and complexity, we can accept file attachments to emails.

Have Other Questions?

Please let us know how we may assist you. Call 877.434.5464 or fill out the Contact Us Form here.