Designed specifically for high volume ERs, these economical patient folders provide educational and organizational benefits for patients at discharge. 

U.S. Patent No. 10,471,765

mini er folder

Important paperwork needs an important folder.

An ER Folder helps patients easily locate and reference their discharge care instructions at home, as well as know what to expect after their visit. Folders have the potential to strengthen patient-provider communication during review of medications or with primary care physicians at follow-up appointments.

With highly engaging content of your choosing, ER Folders can help drive patient and facility outcomes. ER Folders were developed specifically to help with patient education, wait times, readmissions, meaningful use and directly impact ED CAHPS survey answers.   Learn More >> Request Information

design service included

Physical Folder Features

See and feel the high-quality materials used to construct every folder.

  • 10.5″ x 6″ Pocket-style with 3″ tuck-flap closure
  • Add folded discharge documents
  • Command attention with full-color
  • Perforated Medical ID Card (see below)

Design Service Included!

Receive personalized artwork support with our talented in-house graphic designers.

  • Hassle-free design process
  • On-brand solutions every time
  • Fast turn-around of artwork proofs
  • Translation services provided

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Enhances communication surrounding a patient’s ER Discharge Summary.
Simplified content and
engaging graphics convey critical information.
Provides a single source for all information pertaining to a patient’s recent ER visit.

Outpatient Surgery Folder Medical ID Card

Each folder comes with a Medical ID Card which can list critical details that stays with the patient.

  • Write important health and medical information
  • Perforate away from and off the folder
  • Tri-fold to size of a business card
  • Fit conveniently in a wallet, pocket or purse

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