Designed to help parents keep their child’s health information organized allowing them to focus more on the recovery of their child. patent pending

Aiding parents in their child’s recovery

Our Children’s Discharge Folder is designed to help parents keep their child’s health information
organized with tab dividers. it also aids in educating parents on how to manage their child’s care
after being discharged from the hospital with helpful infographics, checklists and important phone
numbers to contact. The folder expands, allowing the parent to continue using it for
follow-up appointments.


INFORM — Enhance communication regarding the child’s recovery, medications, immunizations and discharge instructions with tab dividers to easily locate key information.

EDUCATE — Educational information is printed directly on the folder, reinforcing it’s importance. Information regarding where to go for care, an over-the-counter medication dosing guide, and important contact phone numbers are all included.

FUNCTION — A functional product that provides organization both parents and staff will appreciate.


A built-in, tri-folding card for
parents to keep in their wallet. It
is a helpful reference tool for parents
to keep track of their child’s vaccine dates. It also includes important
phone numbers regarding the
child’s health.