Having a baby brings a lot of questions — and a little chaos — into a new mom’s life. Which is why we have designed a functional Postnatal Discharge Folder that’s meant to not only be used for postpartum discharge instructions, but also for all of the baby and mother follow-up appointments that come next. 

U.S. Patent No. 10,471,765

Organized chaos.

It is important that moms have a well-organized folder so it is easy for them to reference their postpartum instructions, medication information, and newborn care educational material after they’ve left the hospital. The Postnatal Discharge Folder is completely customized to your department’s unique needs. Built into the folder is our standard Medical ID Card that can be easily detached and kept in the mother’s purse or wallet to help them keep track of follow-up appointments and important medical information for themselves and their baby.

Focus on Education

Important educational information is printed directly on the Postnatal Discharge Folder. Include: discharge checklist for mom and baby, well child visit schedule, immunization schedule and importance, breastfeeding support, signs that warrant a call to the doctor, and more. Customized to meet your department’s objectives.