Designed to positively impact your OAS CAHPS® scores, these economical patient folders provide educational and organizational benefits for patients. 

U.S. Patent No. 10,471,765

Outpatient Surgery Discharge Folder

OAS CAHPS domains can be positively influenced by Surgery Folders

Choices for patients continue to expand—and your ability to stand out from other facilities needs to expand with them. Public reporting of OAS CAHPS is scheduled to start in 2019.* Now is the time to implement Surgery Folders, designed to positively influence your facility’s OAS CAHPS scores by focusing on written discharge instructions, recovery information and patient education. *2019 Timeline will be established by November 2018

INFORM — Enhance communication regarding the patient’s procedure, recovery, medications and discharge instructions with tab dividers to easily locate key information. EDUCATE — Education information is printed directly on the folder, reinforcing it’s importance. Information regarding signs and symptoms of infection, tips on preventing and treating nausea and basic surgical site care are all included. FUNCTION — A functional product that provides organization both patients and staff appreciate.  

  Outpatient Surgery Folder Medical ID Card MEDICAL ID CARD REINFORCES MEDICATION EDUCATION A built-in, tri-folding card for patients to keep in their wallet includes a list of their medications and more!