Medical ID Cards

These functional tri-folding cards are perfect for marketing to physicians, patients and the community. Give them out to referring physicians, in your pharmacies or at community health fairs and events.
U.S. Patent No. 8,857,616

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The perfect marketing tool

U.S. Patent No. 8,857,616

Custom designed to fit your hospital’s branding and marketing objectives Medical ID Cards are perfect for marketing to physicians, patients and the community. The tri-folding Medical ID Card is made to easily fold up to fit in the patient’s wallet and used to help keep track of medications and important health information. Medical ID Cards can be found at doctor offices in the exam room or waiting rooms, health fairs, emergency room waiting areas, pharmacy counters, the uses are endless.

Beyond marketing the Medical ID Card has the potential to save lives. Time is of the essence in emergency medical situations which is why every piece of information the EMT or doctor has is important. Having a detailed Medical ID Card could make a difference in properly treating a patient who is uncommunicative.



Folding Medical ID Card
The Medical ID Card tri-folds to provide more space for patients to write in their important health information, while still being compact enough to carry with them in their wallet for quick reference.

The Display/Dispenser Box
These counter-top size dispenser/display boxes hold 100 Medical ID Cards. They are a great way to get your message across, with four sides to utilize all the branding opportunities.

Option to include matching 13×20 inch full-color posters to help promote your Medical ID Cards to patients. Hang them up around your facilities and give them out with the boxes of Medical ID Cards to referring physicians.

Let’s talk benefits!

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